About NC Mountain Land, LLC

We have years of experience assisting buyers and sellers of land in northwest North Carolina. We represent land owners in the sale of their property, serving as their exclusive Seller's Agent. Prospective land buyers can expect to be treated honestly and fairly, and to be loaded with information on any property that's of interest.

Chris Breden, Land Broker

Because we understand land, we are able to provide all manner of detail when it comes to property mapping, features, boundary lines, physical aspects, potential uses, location and tax parcel information from the county. If we don't have the information you require on hand, we'll get it from the appropriate source.

Has anyone ever driven you to a property, and said "there it is, take your time..."? Here, we'll show you in and around each property, up on the ridges and down in the hollows, front to back, so expect to stay for a while. At least enough time that you feel comfortable that you have seen the main features and have a fair understanding of a property. The good news is that we mainly take you around properties on a comfortable 4WD UTV. Most properties have accessible logging and ATV roads that make them possible to view without breaking a sweat.

There are always a few properties that do not have roads or ATV trails, in which case we'll let you know ahead of time so that you bring your hiking boots and a backpack with as many refreshments and snacks as you care to tote!  

Although in most cases buyers request to view 1 or 2 properties, lasting about half a day, we've been known to show prospective buyers up to 5 properties in a single day! So, if you're up to the challenge and have a good idea of what type of property you're looking for, be prepared to spend up to 12 hours viewing and traveling between properties, which in some cases may span 3 or 4 counties and up to around 200 miles.

We urge buyers to dress for the outdoors, taking into consideration the time of year, and possible encounters with briers and insects. This means that in many cases shorts and flip-flops are probably not the sensible choice.