Seasons for buying land in NCOften people ask, "when is the best time of the year to buy mountain land?" Answer: There's a season for every type of landbuyer.

In the early Spring, temperatures begin to rise, and people start to feel good and enthusiastic about venturing to the mountains to search for a potentially good land deal. This group of landbuyers are motivated by warmer temperatures, and the new color and smells associated with Spring.

The late Spring and Summer bring out a new type of landbuyer. Schools are getting out, and families are beginning to plan their trip to the North Carolina Mountains in search of the perfect tract of land that they've been talking about. Summer temperatures in the mountains are very conducive to enjoying outdoor recreation activities, but also make it the perfect time to hike and explore mountain properties for sale. 

Autumn in the North Carolina Mountains brings to mind thoughts of amazing changing colors. "Leaf Season", as many call it, together with cooling temperatures, draws especially large crowds to the mountains during the month of October. Families often combine their trip to the mountains at this time of the year with an opportunity to find a great land investment opportunity.

There are quite a few that consider the cold season as the perfect time to travel to the mountains to enjoy Winter sports and a chance to huddle up with family around the fireplace. Wintertime landbuyers recognize the advantage of not having to deal with pesky tall weeds and insects, and being able to gauge the views through the trees while the leaves are off.

Regardless of what type seasonal landbuyer you might be, don't hesitate to come out and let us show you land that meets your goals and expectations. At NC Mountain Land LLC you can expect to be shown land during any Season.