Selecting The Right Agent To Represent You

If you're trying to buy a new home, or sell your home, chances are that you are familiar with the most prominent real estate companies in your area. You know, the ones whose ads you see all the time in the local paper, on billboards, and on the side of the road in the yard of homes "For Sale". You'd probably go with your gut instinct, and pick the one with the name that you recognize the most. 

Likely, any of these prominent real estate companies would do a fair job of selling your home because selling homes is their specialty. But what about if one day you decide that you'd want to sell your 50 or 500-acre parcel? Would you hire one of those same real estate companies that do such a fine job at selling homes? You may want to first inquire whether they have a broker in their office that specializes in land. On occasion, a real estate office might have an agent that has sold a land parcel at some point, but does that make them a qualified land broker?

In finding a land broker, you'd probably want to dig a little deeper. Even if an individual agent in a particular real estate office has had some experience with land sales, if the company's advertising doesn't suggest that they specialize in land sales, what reason would there be for you to select them to represent you as your Seller's Agent? Perhaps another more important question would be, why would a prospective buyer looking to purchase a large tract of land inquire with a real estate company that clearly promotes themselves as a homes real estate office? Whether you are a prospective Buyer or Seller of land, you will want to take the time in finding a land broker, that means a broker that specializes in land.

Once you think that you've found a broker that specializes in land, then there are a number of criteria that you'll want to take into consideration in qualifying them. Stay tuned! -Look for an upcoming blog post that will list a number of important criteria that will help you identify the right land broker for you.