In dealing with large tracts of land, making available information for buyers and sellers becomes very important. A great deal of the same information will apply to both sides, but as a Buyer of a large tract of land, one must be equipped with as much information as necessary to be able to make an informed decision on a purchase.

Closing on a land purchase involves significant amounts of cash and financing costs, so as a buyer you want to ask a lot of questions, and gather as much information as you can on different aspects of the particular property and the area. Knowing the size, shape and location of the property is only the first step in understanding a tract of land.

There are other aspects that you also want to become familiar with, including but not limited to zoning and ordinances, flooding, soils, topography, building and environmental restrictions, permissible uses, future planning for the area, historical land values, environmental hazards, amenities, etc.

Assuming that all aspects of the property work in your favor and you Close on your purchase, then you transition from being a Land Buyer into being a Land Owner. As a land owner you will want to continue to learn about your property, and how to improve it over time and capitalize on its use value. Eventually, as a land owner, you may become a Land Seller, which would bring you around full circle.

This is the reason why information for Buyers and sellers of land is in essence the same, although parts of it become more important depending where in the cycle you find yourself.

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