Thinking of investing for the first time in a large tract of land? Chances are you need a land broker to share their expertise to help you find a property that closely matches your search criteria, and to help you make the best deal possible.

A land broker is unlike most real estate agents dealing with residential or commercial property. A land broker is unique in that he or she specializes in land, and is able to guide you through the process of identifying potentially suitable properties that best match your goals and objectives, rain or shine! If your agent is wearing office shoes, drives a luxury sedan, and pulls up to the property and tells you "There it is. Take your time...", then they are probably not a land broker.

What makes a land broker so different from a residential or commercial specialist, you might ask? Well, a land broker employs a different set of tools in getting the job done. Everything from what a land broker drives, to what he or she wears to brave the outdoors, and their level of understanding of physical aspects of the land are only a portion of the qualities and traits that distinguish them as a land broker from other types of real estate specialists.

Another common trait among land brokers is their understanding of surveys, rights-of-way, or being able to point to areas and features of a property that could be worked on to improve the appeal and salability of a property with minimal cost.

Starting with mode of transportation, a landbroker in this area of North Carolina typically drives a four-wheel drive vehicle. Either a pickup or SUV with real 4WD, different from AWD, is essential in being able to transport more than 2 or 3 people when looking at land, transporting outdoor gear of different sorts, and pulling a trailer with a suitable UTV.

A land broker that is serious about scouting a newly listed tract of land, or showing prospective buyers in and around a property, typically will be pulling a trailer with a 4WD utility vehicle. In our experience, most buyers are not used to strenuous hiking, so being able to show them a property thoroughly, down in the hollows and up on the ridges requires the use of a utility vehicle.

Also, an experienced land broker will refer to aerial and topographical maps, or may employ a GPS or any number of land-related mobile apps to assist in navigation over especially large tracts of land. Often along logging roads there will be fallen trees, so carrying a chainsaw is a necessity. When showing land, a broker may carry along a back pack with water bottles, a first aid kit, insect repellent and other certain tools and supplies that could come in handy.

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