Which Road Access Option is Better?

I get this question a lot! There is no right answer, but it will depend mostly on what a landbuyer's goals and objectives are. Most landbuyers that come to us looking for mountain land, are looking for privacy and seclusion, so it would stand to reason that a property that offers peace and quiet would be the top choice.

Road FrontageFrontage on a busy highway, even if town is 15 miles away, is probably not the first choice because road noise carries quite a bit, even if the property is relatively large. In most landbuyer's and seller's minds, property with highway frontage commands a high price, although this varies significantly with the level of demand for highway frontage in a particular area. For anyone looking for peace and solitude, property with highway frontage could never be cheap enough to make a purchase.

What about frontage on a small state-maintained road in a secluded part of the county? This will probably work because only a few cars might go by in a day's time. The compromise here will be the additional travel time to get to and from the property. Making the daily travel to town may become a burden to some, but to others, this scenario would be ideal!

Private Access RoadConversely, a tract of land near a 4-lane highway, with a good access via deeded right-of-way, back far enough to provide all the peace and quiet that is desired, would make a good land purchase also. Landbuyer beware! -there are all manner of rights-of-way, so ask your land broker wich would work better in your particular case.