Make it Easy For The Land Buyer to Say "YES"!

Simple land improvementsMost tracts of raw mountain land for sale are found the way God made them. However, in fact, most raw mountain properties have been logged at some point in the last 40-50 years. Depending on how recent the logging activity, you will find a network of logging roads that make it possible to access different areas of any given property.

Usually, the main logging roads are kept clear by hunters using ATVs, and remain open even long after the last cutting. These same logging roads are crucial in being able to show a large tract of land to a prospective buyer. 

Simple Land Improvements Pay Off!

There are some large tracts of land for sale that have no drivable logging roads, so it makes it extremely difficult for a landbuyer to get excited, and to be able to see all of the key features that make a property great.

Amazingly, most buyers of large mountain properties prefer to ride a UTV rather than hike, making it even more important to make the logging roads drivable and clear of trees and tree branches. Most landowners won't consider paying someone to open up and improve these roads mainly because they believe it will cost too much.

Surprisingly, the cost to improve existing logging roads is relatively low, and the benefits are indisputable. Decide not to invest in road improvements, and expect for a property to go unseen and unsold for a long period, after which the seller reluctantly settles for a lot lower offer to get rid of the property.

On the contrary, the wise landowner will invest a modest amount in a few key improvements, and the result will be a very positive experience for prospective Buyers, and a significantly lower average time on the market before a sale.

...Land Improvements Can Reduce Sale Times... 

"How much can I expect to spend in enough improvements to make a difference?", you ask. I know first hand of a number of examples. In one case involving a 6-acre parcel purchased for $25,000, the landowner invested $3,000 to open up an old and choked logging road to the top, cleared a 1/3-acre homesite, and opened up the views. Five months later that same property sold for $55,000. Left unimproved, the same property would have sold for a lot less, and following a long period.

On a larger scale, a 100+ acre tract had over a mile of deteriorating logging roads, making it difficult to show to prospective buyers. Six days of work with the right equipment and operator, and just over $7,000 invested, made it possible for the right buyer to look over the property in detail and bought it!

The actual improvements don't necessarily make a property fetch a higher price, but it makes the property more appealing, selling in a relatively shorter period.

If you are considering selling a tract of mountain land, ask your land broker for assistance in deciding where to invest a few improvement dollars to maximize the effect on prospective landbuyers.