Investment Land in Wilkes & Caldwell Counties in NC

Not very often do we see such a large tract of land sold in our area. This tract consists of an assemblage of 15 separate tax parcels that took a number of years to put together. It's especially secluded nature, and the fact that there are no utilities present on the property, made this property especially challenging to find the type of buyer that knew how to appreciate it.

This was a private sale to an individual looking to invest and park some of his wealth in a large tract of land. He looks forward to improving the property to make it even more beautiful and more accessible for his personal use and to be able to enjoy with family and friends. A savvy investor will always include land in his or her investment portfolio.

Let Chris Breden help you find the property that's right for your investment portfolio. We handle properties mainly above the 50-acre category, up to the largest properties available in our market area.